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8 deck blackjack strategy

8 deck blackjack strategy

8 deck blackjack strategy

8 deck blackjack strategy

8 deck blackjack strategy


8 Deck Blackjack Strategy

This is a basic strategy guide to playing 8 deck blackjack. Although following an 8 deck blackjack strategy card does not guarantee winning, it will shorten your odds against the house.

To use the card, you look up your hand value on the vertical axis, and the dealer's up-card on the horizontal axis. The intersection of the two line recommends your next action, depending on whether you hold a soft or hard total (where soft hands include any Ace). There are two charts here, depending on whether the dealer is forced to Stand or hit on holding a soft 17.

8 Deck blackjack strategy

8 deck strategy

The key to the above table as follows:

  • H - You Hit
  • S - You Stand
  • D - Double up (if game allows), else hit
  • Ds - Double up (if game allows), else stand
  • P - Split your hand
  • H/P - Split if allowed to double after a split, else hit
  • H/R - Surrender (if game allows), else hit
  • P/R - Surrender (if game allows), else split
  • S/R - Surrender (if game allows), else stand

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