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Are You Interested In Winning American Lottery Jackpots?

If playing and of course winning any of those gigantic American lotto jackpots is what you are interested in, then we have the solution! Playing the lottery has made instant millionaires out of many lucky winners all around the world Ė so now is your chance to join them!

Міllіоns оf mеn аnd wоmеn асrоss thе рlаnеt рlасе thеіr dоllаrs аnd hоре іntо vаrіоus usa lоttеrу јасkроts, frоm the average jackpot drаwіngs tо the mighty usa lotto јасkроts which have rolled over considerably and just waiting for someone to win it.

Even though winning the Powerball lotto game, or the Mega Millions lottery is based on pure luck, many usa lottery players, take their lottery playing strategies pretty seriously.

Look for signs

If you look at various lottery blogs that claim to be lotto gurus, you will see that they have quite a few various lottery strategies available. From telephone numbers that have been appearing over the past few weeks, to even replaying the very same number combination that are taped up on the windows in stores selling lotto tickets, congratulating them. Itís this strategy that you should definitely not use. The odds of exactly the same numbers coming up again are between zero to nil.


Probably the most practised lottery strategy is choosing numbers that co-inside with the birthdays of family and friends. With so many lottery players using this particular system, most of them will be selecting numbers below 31. So, it would be wise to play numbers higher than 31 and to give yourself the best shot of not sharing the top jackpot prize. Another reason itís a good idea to select numbers higher than 31 is due to the fact that Powerball numbers were increased from 59 to 69. Why ignore all those potential winning numbers?

Use the same numbers if you play regularly

Some also say that, if you plan on playing the lotto regularly, you should then choose your own numbers and stick to them. One day those numbers could come in and you donít want to look back and see a lotto number combination win that you have played before. Playing the lotto utilising the same number combination also saves you time and money, as you could simply play them as span over a few draws at a discounted rate Ė thatís IF you play the lotto online of course.

Or pick the most overdue number

Another approach that is commonly used is to look for numbers that have not come up in a while. This works on the theory that if something has not happened in a while, then it is probably overdue.

Leave it to the computer

If you just canít be bothered to sit and think about which lotto numbers to play, leave it to the computer to automatically generate a quickpick for you. Looking at the Tatts Lotteries data, we see that their stats show that their winners have used the random lucky dip QuickPick choice at least 50 per cent of the time. With a 50/50 like that, you might as well genuinly leave it up to Lady Luck and play a few quickpicks today.

Play the American lotteries online now and who knows, you could be a millionaire tomorrow!

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