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OGI Prize Winners


Latest News About Our Competition Winners

Here Are Our Winners!

This page is updated with all our winners for each draw period (monthly and quarterly). Our first draw in 2011 takes place on April 30 and we will update this page with all the latest winner information.

We specifically asked permission from competition entrants to publish at least an alias and a quote, but some people want to remain anonymous and we respect that.

Congratulations to all our winners and remember that you can enter ALL of our competitions simply by becoming a member at the sponsoring casino.

Latest Prize Winners

These are all our prize winners by month. Click on the Prize names to see how you too can win!

We are in the process of contacting our October winners. Stay tuned.

(Please note that some people prefer to remain anonymous and we respect that.)

Player Comment Prize
September 2011
Lee Wan Lu, Singapore "I have been looking at buying one of these but haven't been able to decide which one. You have decided for me!" Sony Daily Edition Tablet
Anonymous, Port Elizabeth, RSA "Thanks for your generous gift" Sony Bloggie
Charlene, Canbera Declined comment Flip HD Camera
Thorsten B. Innsbrueck, Austria "My wife keeps using my Ipad when I need it. Now we have two!" Apple Ipad
Camilla, Edmonton, CA "What a surprise this was. I was going to buy my daughter a new phone. She can have mine, I am keeping this one!" Iphone 4
Rob. B, The Hague "Thank you to William Hill I never win anything like an Xbox before! Xbox +Kinect

Player Comment Prize
August 2011
Christo, Cape Town Declined to comment Sony Daily Edition Tablet
Anonymous Declined comment Sony Bloggie
Anonymous Declined comment Flip HD Camera
Benjamin, Sydney, AU What an incredible surprise. I didn't beat your slots but at least I won this." Apple Ipad
Ti'i, Auckland Declined to comment Iphone 4
Anonymous Declined comment Xbox +Kinect

Player Comment Prize
July 2011
Marcus, Salzburg "Wow, I don't own a tablet so this is a great surprise." Sony Daily Edition Tablet
Anonymous Declined comment Sony Bloggie
Anonymous Declined comment Flip HD Camera
E. Britton, Rotterdam "I must be honest, I thought this was not a serious competition but now I believe you! Thank you, thank you!" Apple Ipad
Cheryl, UK "I was very please to win i never win anything. as for the casino desert dollor i have found the support and the games awsome. I have played on many on line casino sites and this one is my favorit. And thank you very much for everything you have done for me. also it is ok with me to publish my name on winners list thank you. have a great day." Iphone 4
Anonymous Declined comment Xbox +Kinect

Player Comment Prize
June 2011
Escoban, Spain Declined comment Sony Daily Edition Tablet
Anonymous Declined comment Sony Bloggie
Anita, Cape Town Declined comment $100 Itunes Gift Card
Alistair. D, Gold Coast Declined comment Flip HD Camera
Danny "We have never won anything. My wife and I are stoked!" Apple Ipad
TBA We await feedback from our winner Iphone 4
TBA "Thank you. It's great to see a portal live by its promise and Online Gambling Insider has certainly done that." Xbox +Kinect
Julian, Edmonton Declined comment Amazon Gift Card

Player Comment Prize
April 2011
M.J. from South Africa "I can't believe this. I have entered so many compeitiosn in my life and never won. Wow!" Sony Bloggie
Jane T. From the UK "Thank you to!" $100 Itunes Gift Card
Kevin. C. - Toronto "What a fantastic surpise. We will use this on our coming holidays" Flip HD Camera
Mileto T., Barcelona "I thank you and will buy books for my children!" $100 Amazon Gift Card
Anastasia. D., Dortmund n/a Consolation prizes

Examples of our previous winners in older competitions:

Player Comment Prize
May 2009
CJ from Melbourne - Apple Ipod
Christie F. from Minnesota - $250 in Amazon Gift Cards
Alexander Jensen in Austria - Apple Iphone
Penny H from Bath "Thanks for the wonderful gift. I am looking forward to getting in shape with the Wii exercise games!" Nintendo Wii
December 2008
Thor J. from Sweden "This is perfect timing to buy some Christmas gifts. Thank you." $250 in Amazon Gift Cards
Daniel from Cape Town, SA - Apple Ipod
R.S. from Phoenix "Thanks for the phone. I already have on but I will give this one to my wife." Apple Iphone
T Jardin, Middlesex "What a great surprise for my Christmas tree. Thanks to Grand Mondial Casino." Nintendo Wii
November 2008
Dirk R. from The Hague "Thanks again for my wonderful prize. I will buy myself a Christmas present." $250 in Amazon Gift Cards
Anonymous in Chicago - Apple Ipod
Frankie L. from Providence "I always thought I'd like one but could never bring myself to spending the money. Now I don't have to!" Apple Iphone
M. Denothilis in Athens "I like your casino. Thanks very much." Apple Ipod Nano
May 2008
Stacey from Birmingham, UK "I don't think I have ever won a single draw in my life. I already have an Iphone but now I can give mu husband one too." Apple Iphone
Lynette M from Durban, South Africa - Apple Ipod
Lee J.W. from Singapore - $250 in Amazon Gift Cards
Klaus Wuppenthaler from Salzburg "I have been playing a lot at this casino because I have won quite a bit. Now I also win this prize, a great surprise. Thanks to Grand Mondial and Online Gambling Insider." Nintendo Wii
Michelle from Quebec "I was away on vacation and this is a great surprise. Thanks to all concerned." Apple Ipod Nano
September 2008
Teri A. Anaheim, CA "Thank you very, very much!" Apple Iphone
August 2008
Lia Siew - $250 in Amazon Gift Cards
July 2008
Alian S., Germany "What a wonderful surprise. I will think of you every time I play with the Wii." Apple Iphone
Matthia T. From New York "Thanks for the prize. I needed an upgrade from my old Shuffle!" Apple Ipod Nano
Player "asr027x" from Atlanta - Sony PSP
June 2008
Marc. D from Netherlands "What a wonderful surprise. I will think of you every time I play with the Wii." Nintendo Wii
Patricia M from Mass. - Sony PSP
May 2008
D.O. in Vermont "Hi Anthony - I have really enjoyed playing the variety of games Captain Cooks has to offer.....LOTS OF FUN !!!! Thank you for the I-Pod from Online Gambling Insider and your Casino Rewards program. It came just in time for my daughter’s birthday." Apple Ipod
Renee B from Minnesota "That's awesome - can't wait to check it out!! I've played other online casinos in the past but yours is easily the best I've found. Love the Video Slots!" Apple Iphone
J.M. Lecompt in Holland "Thanks for the good news. To be honest I was first rather skeptical and thought it was either spam or a joke but from what I could check all is genuine so I can just thank you and will be very happy to receive the Nintendo WII" Nintendo Wii
J.H. in Canada "HI - I was away at my cottage and didn't get your messages until today! That's great news on the IPOD" Apple Ipod Nano
April 2008
Derek R from Idaho 1. What is his reaction to winning this competition? "Yoippee-doo!"
2. What does he like about All Slots Casino? “Array of Slots - choice”
3. What is his favorite game? “Age of Discovery”
4. Where did he hear about the casino and does he have any other comments or ideas to forward to us?
"Heard about it thru Google - just enjoys playing here and he is happy about the prize."
Sony PSP

"Salonico Boy" from Athens, Greece

"I am only an ordinary player who loves playing in this online Casino. Despite the fact that i am losing money for my pleasure (I really don't care too much about that) I have just informed that I am a winner of a new great mobile phone.So think about that. I have both Pleasure and gifts. Thanks for your time to read my letter bye bye all and Good Luck everybody!!" Apple Iphone

Irene C. from NJ

"Thanks and smooches!" $400 in Amazon Gift Cards

Geoff B. from NSW, Australia

"I felt surprised and happy to know that I had actually won!"

Nintendo Wii

Gordon D. From VC, Canada

No comment.

Apple Ipod Nano
'truangel' from Ottowa, Ontario

No comment.

Apple Ipod Touch

Julie L, from Rochester MN

No comment.

Slingbox Pro
March 2008
Rebecca T. from the United States No comment Apple Iphone
Anthony S. From the United States "What a pleasant surprise! I needed a new Ipod for my daughter!" Apple Ipod
tspalty. from the United States No comment Amazon Gift Cards
David H. in London "It was a great surprise, and it's the first time I've won anything in a prize draw since I was 6 years old (the prize then was some novelty bubble
bath...) I've wanted a Wii for ages, so thanks again."
Nintendo Wii
robert262 in the US No comment Apple Ipod Touch
"Asr15630438" in the US No comment Sony PSP

OGI Winners Section

Prize value

Total Monthly: $3,000+

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Itunes Gift card

Four $25 consolation gift cards every month

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Flip Video Camera Flip HD Video Camera

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OGI Prize Winners

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